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Det er ikke sikkert at du afholder BLACK FRIDAY i din webshop, men ikke desto mindre er det på verdensplan, en af de dage med størst fokus på shopping og gode tilbud! Derfor kan det være en rigtig god ide at imødekomme denne anledning med en ekstra spændende e-handelsoplevelse i din webshop.

Herunder får du 10 tips til hvilke webshop funktioner der er særligt smarte at anvende op til, under og i kølvandet på BLACK FRIDAY. 

Alle nævnte funktioner fås naturligvis hos! Se vores priser og pakker her

1. Make a countdown

Create "urgency" by both creating a digital countdown to the start of the campaign, but also create a new one afterwards to mark the end of the campaign.

At, you can create a digital countdown with or without text. If you use it with text, you can write a little about what savings the customer can expect or even link directly to selected products or categories that are on offer.

This way the customer can easily do their pre black friday research

2. Clear shipping prices on ALL pages

Use a top or bottom "bar" to highlight your shipping rates, as a good and informative service to the customer

It NEVER pays to hide shipping prices and only show them at check-out. It should be easy and convenient for the customer to shop with you, so if this very relevant information is not served up quickly, in many cases it will give a bad impression and the customer will jump on to another alternative.

Be extra visible about your shipping prices and assess whether offering "FREE SHIPPING" during the BLACK FRIDAY campaign could improve your competitiveness.

3. Offers and discounts

Unique price savings are expected for the visitor on BLACK FRIDAY. Therefore, it is a good idea to make yourself an overview of the discounts and offers that will run up to and during the campaign

For example, you can both create and distribute discount codes leading up to BLACK FRIDAY - maybe even some extra-beneficial discount codes for your VIP customers or partners. But volume discounts and global offers are also a good idea for BLACK FRIDAY

4. Upsell

Make sure you've done your bit to help a multi-sale along the way. It's often also a good service from the customer's perspective, as well as keeping the visitor longer in the shop.

You can make several different options, such as offering options/add-ons for items. An example could be a toothbrush, to which you add toothpaste, mouthwash or, for example, dental floss, as an add-on option on the toothbrush product page itself

But also related items are a good idea to have set up. It can take time to put in all the suggestions, but it's a huge help for the customer to highlight other goods or services that go well with what they're about to add to their basket. Or even just remind the customer that the item they are looking at may also come as part of a set or perhaps be available on subscription

5. Popups

If you don't already use popups or associate them solely with something negative, we hope you'll reconsider now.

Popups are a great way to communicate value to your customers, quickly and easily. For example, it can communicate that the customer can apply a given discount code at check-out and thus gain an advantage. It could also be used to collect newsletter emails in exchange for a discount code. But it could also be that you used it in the run-up to BLACK FRIDAY, just to let people know that the shop will soon be filled with great promotional offers.

The possibilities are many, but pay particular attention to your popup setup - that is, WHEN and WHERE it pops up. If you set it to activate as soon as the visitor hits your site, it's pretty much wasted and more disruptive than beneficial

6. Create order and send payment link to customer

Your customers may have many webshops to visit on BLACK FRIDAY. That's why you can use this feature to take orders already in the run-up to and so they don't forget about you on the day!

Once your campaign is running, you can create the order manually yourself and then send a payment link to the customer on BLACK FRIDAY itself - by appointment of course. That way you perform the whole "shopping act" but help them get their item at a discount.

7. Sell gift cards

You can be tactically smart about your gift card sales.

Sell gift cards for your webshop NOW before the campaign kicks off

The giver of the gift card can then inform the recipient that there will soon be a BLACK FRIDAY promotion in the webshop, which means that their gift card can go extra long on Friday.

8. Mobilepay, Viabill and Anyday

You need to constantly think about how to improve and optimise the digital service experience. Ask yourself "how can I make it easier and more accessible for my customer to shop with me?"

Payment options play a key role here!

Make it easy for your customers to shop from mobile by offering Mobilepay payment or let the customer split their payment into smaller chunks with for example Viabill or Anyday, to increase the potential clientele for your product

A good example could be a coffee machine. Not many people buy a coffee machine on impulse or can afford it at all, but with interest-free instalments it suddenly becomes possible for many.

So you also increase the chance of impulse purchases in your webshop by offering mobile payment and instalment payments

9. Subscription products

You can now buy several different types of goods by subscription, particularly because it is very convenient for the shop owner and usually also easy and cost-effective for the customer.

Therefore, create products on subscription as an alternative to a one-off purchase - if it makes sense for your product type. Remember that you can also set up services on a subscription basis, for example maintenance of a robotic lawnmower

The more frequently the customer wants to receive the product (and therefore the more frequently you may invoice automatically), the greater the savings you can then give the customer in exchange.

10. Live chat support

You may not use live chat support in your webshop, typically because you are elsewhere during the day and the webshop may only be a part-time or hobby project

Nevertheless, it's super annoying to miss out on purchases in the webshop because the customer needs a quick answer to a crucial question

So get the live chat feature set up on BLACK FRIDAY so you don't miss a sale because of unanswered questions or unavailable information. You can always remove it afterwards

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