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Dropzone Denmark

"After moving our website to, the pages load much faster and this has had a positive impact on our SEO.

It was quick and easy to set up the website and the few times we needed help, support was right at hand. Our old system was very fragile and failed every time we tried to change something, but now everything just works as it should."

-christian Støvring,

Mads Z

" is a fantastic business partner! The concept is simple, clear and extremely user-friendly.

For us, it has been crucial that we can build a shop with an exclusive and beautiful visual design that supports our brand and presence on other channels.'s backend is exceptionally easy to navigate - small help guides on all functions make it easy to explore functions even if you have no prior knowledge of creating or running a shop.

The possibilities for building a unique shop are many, and the continuous development of new features means that's product just keeps getting better and better over time.

I would also like to emphasise the support: It is unrivalled and always on the spot with advice and guidance by email or chat when you need it - and it's free!

I highly recommend if you are considering starting a new webshop or replacing your old one."

-stine Elsborg,

"Moving from Shopify to has been an extremely positive experience.

I needed a B2B solution, and with Shopify it was just too complicated and cumbersome. On my new webshop, it works "out of the box" and is super easy to use.

And at the same time, it's cheaper than Shopify."

- Jan Rasmussen,

"As an entrepreneur, it is important to feel that you can rely 100% on your webshop working and being found on the internet by customers. I have full confidence that my webshop does when it is in the hands of

In addition, I value customer service very highly. There are already a lot of things you have to find out as an entrepreneur and the fact that I can always get a quick answer from Martin and his team when there are questions, it's worth its weight in gold. I can only highly recommend"

- Madeleine Broman Toft,

"In short, an unrivalled partner!

Support is always at hand, either via chat or their facebook group, which I have benefited greatly from. I have built the skeleton from scratch and Catharina's makeover has made the user interface and design work.

I have only positive experiences with and give my warmest recommendation to anyone looking for a partner who can help you safely reach your goal."

- Jannie Frydendahl,

"I moved my webshop to in 2020, and it is certainly not something I have regretted. My previous webshop system was old-fashioned, slow, inadequate and had absolutely lousy support.

On the new webshop, everything runs just as it should. Both the webshop and administration are lightning fast, and the support is always ready to help."

- Allan Rabe,

"I don't have a lot of experience, but I experience a platform that is easy to navigate and get a good result for your own webshop.

In addition to this, I have rarely experienced such fast and competent support whenever I have the slightest question.

My biggest recommendation from here."

- Jeannie Lund Kolberg,

Lasse's rapid start and growth
"I have started my first webshop at and it has been a really great experience. Super easy to use and all employees can log in and work with the site or edit/add products. We have had revenue from the first week and have been able to focus on marketing and google/facebook advertising instead of developing and writing codes. has also recently made a makeover of our front page at a reasonable price and it has been really positive and the result speaks for itself. Can highly recommend even if you are brand new to webshop!"

- Lasse Nitschke

Why Lasse started a webshop at

"I'm definitely not an expert at creating a webshop, but once you know it, it's really easy! and if you are in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to write an email, they respond quickly - I have sometimes written emails late at night and there is an answer the same evening or the morning after! I have been in touch with someone called Martin several times and his help has really been worth its weight in gold! I'm so glad I chose Idealshop over Shopify which I also had my eye on"

- Nadja Heldt-Hansen

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