It's that easy
Your webshop is ready immediately, you just need to add your own items, images and texts.
Super easy administration
Below you can see some examples of how you manage your webshop
Create new item
Simply enter three pieces of information to create a product: name, price and description.

If you want more options such as stock control, variants, offers, etc., you can activate them via the search box at the top of the administration.

Process orders
At the administration you will find a simple order overview. Here you can, for example, change the status of an order to "Shipped". When you do so, the money is withdrawn from the customer's credit card and the customer is notified by e-mail.

Change design
It is easy and quick to test or change designs. All our designs are free and can be added with a single click.

You can even work on a new design while the old one is active in the webshop.

Do it all from your mobile
We have optimized the administration for viewing on small screens. You can change your pages, process orders or add items while on the go.

Here you can, for example, see how simple it is to edit the webshop front page.