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A good ranking in search engines is an effective way to get targeted customers into your webshop. Therefore, is of course built with SEO in mind. uses various techniques to "make the search engines happy". And it happens automatically. Including the use of unique page titles, ALT tags, meta tags, headings, etc. on the front page, product categories, product pages and text pages.

You also have the option to customise these parameters manually if desired. Likewise, you can control titles, texts and keywords that are not visible on the webshop but only to search engines. automatically makes Google aware of your website/webshop. When you launch your website or when you make changes to pages or items in your webshop, the system makes sure that Google is made aware of it. It is a fully automatic and included service in all subscriptions.

Social media and links

You also have full control over how shares on Facebook should look. For example, you may want a different title or text to be shown on Facebook than the one shown in the webshop.

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