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Let your customers pay with ViaBill in your webshop


ViaBill is a Danish service that enables your customers to split a payment into several chunks. To accept ViaBill in your webshop, you simply need to have an existing payment solution set up (for example QuickPay). Then you can add ViaBill to the payment gateway.

If you have ordered your payment solution through us, we will be happy to help you activate ViaBill in your payment gateway and webshop.

The integration is included (at no extra cost) in the following subscriptions

  • Light
  • Standard
  • Pro

How to get started

  • Sign up with ViaBill and install your ViaBill account in your payment gateway (if you have ordered a payment solution through us, we will help you with this)
  • Log in to your webshop
  • Tap "Settings" in the left menu
  • Press "Payment methods"
  • Edit the payment method linked to your payment gateway and add ViaBill

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