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Anyday is a payment solution that allows your customers to buy your goods today and spread the payment over four months. Part payment with Anyday doesn't cost your customers anything, so they don't have to pay sudden interest or fees.

How does Anyday work?

The way Anyday works is that the customer selects their desired items and then chooses to pay with Anyday.

Then they have to go through a 20-second set-up process, where they sign up via NemID.

25% of the amount is paid immediately. The remaining amount will be spread out over the following three months, during which Anyday will automatically deduct the amount.

The customer can buy up to 5.000 DKK with Anyday.

In order for the customer to get all these benefits, the webshop pays 3.95% of the transaction. Signup is free.

The integration is included (at no extra cost) in the following subscriptions

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Pro

How to get started

  • Create your webshop at Anyday
  • Specify "" as your shop system
  • Anyday will now make sure that the payment method is created in your shop

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