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Customize appearance gives you several different designs to choose from. Once you have chosen a design, you can customize it with your own colors, images and other settings.

If you are more into letting a professional take care of the design part, then as an owner you can also use our popular makeover service.

Works perfectly on all devices

Nowadays, it's super important that an online shop works perfectly on all screens. Otherwise, you risk losing customers.

Build your pages with our smart drag-n-drop sections

You can place sections wherever you want and decide how much space you want each section to take up. We've designed the section modules to be responsive in advance, so they adapt to different screen sizes.

In this video, you can see how to turn a blank front page into a beautiful, content-packed front page in under 10 minutes.

From blank to beautiful cover page in less than 10 minutes

Start with a pre-filled online shop

If you wish, you can start with an online shop that already has products created. We have template webshops ready for you in topics such as clothing, beauty and hobby/leisure.

Do you need a PRO template?

In collaboration with Gelinde, we offer a range of PRO templates that can be purchased and customised to your specific needs. You can either do the customisation yourself or get professional help from Gelinde.

More features to make design work easier

Insert pre-designed sections

We have, as the first on the market, created a smart design solution that lets you import professionally designed sections directly into your webshop.

When you use "Insert pre-filled section" you get access to a number of templates where you can "pick" exactly the section you need. Finally, all you have to do is place it in the desired location in your shop and customise it if you like.

Make a copy of your section

If you need to have the same section in several places, you can always go to the section's "advanced" settings and make a copy.

When you create the copy, you can choose where you want the new copy to be placed. So you can avoid having to do the same setup over and over again.

Upload BIG image files

As a special feature, allows you to upload images up to 20MB in size without compromising the speed of your website or webshop.

This is because we automatically reduce the size of your images for you during upload.

You can also rotate and crop your images directly in the system.

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