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Selling abroad (payment methods and shipping methods)
To sell abroad, you need to allow your payment methods and shipping methods to be used in other coun...
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How much should shipping cost for my customers?
It can be difficult to settle on a shipping price when starting an online shop. So here are a few ti...
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Parcel labels from Shipmondo and Homerunner
To purchase a parcel label through Shipmondo or Homerunner, it is required: 1. You have created a...
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Freight setup - beginner's guide
You can create a new shipping method by going to "Settings > Shipping methods". There you can, fo...
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Lock items to a specific shipping method - and vice versa
Here you can learn about two freight-goods relationships. - Restrict an item to selected shipping...
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Restrict a shipping method to weight ranges
It is possible to set a shipping method to be hidden when the order weighs more than Xkg, for exampl...
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Free shipping (when you buy more than X)
It is very common to offer free shipping when you buy for more than 500 kr. This can easily be done ...
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Shipping fee based on order weight
It is possible to charge a shipping fee based on the weight of the order. The setting must be mad...
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Return label - Shipmondo
It is possible to get a return label with your label purchase when you use Shipmondo and have your o...
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Dropshipping opportunities
If you want to sell via dropshipping, you can do so at However, you'll need to make sure...
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Shipping fees and discount codes
It can quickly become complicated to figure out how/when a discount code affects a shipping fee and ...
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FLEX and deposit delivery with Shipmondo
If you use Shipmondo, it is possible to use delivery methods where the customer receives parcels wit...
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Information (clearly) about shipping costs
According to the Danish Marketing Practices Act, an online shop must clearly state the price of a pr...
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Picking slip
It is possible to retrieve a pick list for each order. To do so, tap the function button next to the...
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Delivery note
It is possible to retrieve a delivery note for each order. To do this, press the function button nex...
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Hide shipping/delivery steps in basket
If you have items that are not shipped/delivered or physically picked up, it may make sense to hide ...
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Create your own order statuses
It is possible to create custom order statuses if you are missing a status among the predefined opti...
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Shipmondo Returns Portal
It is possible to get a free return portal from Shipmondo. All you need to do is have a Shipmondo a...
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