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Product and definitions
ideal.shop offers an internet-based service (hosted webshop) aimed at companies. With the service, companies can manage a webshop where they can do business with their own (end)customers. The service is hereinafter referred to as the webshop.

Buyer of ideal.shop's service (webshop) are hereinafter referred to as the customer.

These terms and conditions deal with the relationship between ideal.shop and ideal.shop's customers.

It is the customer's sole responsibility to disclose terms of trade to their own customers in the webshop.

Changes to product
ideal.shop reserves the right to change, add or remove options and elements from the product, if this is estimated to improve the product. As a result of this, the design/layout of a webshop might change continuously in order to keep up with trends and to support new devices where the webshop can be used.

It is free to create a ideal.shop webshop. As a free customer, you can use the entire ideal.shop webshop service with one exception. It is not possible to complete orders in the webshop before the subscription is created. It is not allowed to use ideal.shop's free trial period to run an active/public webshop or website.

The price of a ideal.shop subscription varies depending on the subscription package and usage, and is billed in arrears. See more on our prices page.

All prices on ideal.shop's website and other material are stated without VAT unless otherwise stated.

To activate a webshop, the customer must attach a payment card to his account.

Amounts due are invoiced at the beginning of each month based on previous month's usage.

The customer always has the option of deleting and / or changing the card associated with his account. This is done via the customer's login under "Account".

All payments are handled externally by Bambora and NETS through secure and certified channels. The following credit cards can be used: Dankort, Visa card, Visa electron, Mastercard, Maestro. No account / debit card information is stored at ideal.shop.

For all forms of payment, an email is sent to the customer's email address and an invoice is made available for download via the customer's login.

Prices for ideal.shop's services can be regulated no more than once per year because of relative changes in the market (price index). Price regulations are based on the price index published by Danmarks Statistik with the month of October as basis. Regulations take effect by the 1st of January the following year. Regulations are announced minimum one month in advance by email to webshop owners.

24 month warranty
ideal.shop strives to deliver a stable and secure service. Customer satisfaction is our security for future business. If the customer is unsatisfied with the delivered service, ideal.shop can be contacted to investigate possible outages and errors. If it is judged that the service delivered does not meet the product description, the customer can either get refunded an amount relative to the subscription cost in the period concerned, or have their current subscription extended at no charge. The customer must advertise within 2 months of the error or outage.

Since the product is digital and put into operation immediately, you waive the normal 14 days cancellation right.

It is always possible to quit a subscription and / or close an account. In both cases, any due amount must be paid to ideal.shop at the beginning of next month.

It is not possible to transfer or withdraw excess subscription days or positive balance.

ideal.shop reserves the right to cancel a customers subscription or close down a webshop immediately if the webshop is estimated to consume an unreasonable amount of resources, if the website represents a danger to the stability of the service towards other webshops or if it is suspected that the webshop is in any way involved in malicious activity. In this case ideal shop ApS is obligated to, if possible, first seek a solution which does not cause downtime for the customers webshop.

ideal.shop reserves the right to cancel a customers subscription or close down a webshop immediately if the webshop is estimated to operate in violation of current legislation.

Data processing agreement (protection of personal data)
By entering into an agreement between ideal.shop and customer, and through acceptance of these terms of trade, the attached data processing agreement is also accepted.
The agreement contains frameworks and obligations for, in particular, ideal.shop to the customer, regarding the safety and treatment of sensitive data.

Data processing agreement

The data processing agreement defines, among other things:

The following information are gathered from the customer: Name, address, phone number, email address. If the customer runs a company we also ask for: VAT-ID and company name.

If the customer wishes to have ideal.shop help setup creditcard payments through payment gateway providers like ePay.dk or NETS, ideal.shop will forward the required business and personal information to the chosen gateway provider.

Personal information is registered with ideal shop ApS and will be saved for up to five years after the customer ends their subscription and closes their webshop. After that, the information is deleted.

The data-responsible person for www.ideal.shop is Martin Bay Pedersen.

As a registered customer of ideal shop ApS, you are always welcome to send objections to this data registration. The customer is also entitled to insight into which information are registered related to their account - according to Danish person-data law. Inquiries in this regard should be sent to info@ideal.shop

The service is offered by the company:

ideal shop ApS
Jyllandsgade 4, 1.mf
7400 Herning

VAT-id: 36 95 67 12
Phone: 71 99 22 74

Subject to change
ideal.shop reserves the right to continuously change and update the applicable terms and conditions.