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Lightning fast webshop

Speed has been one of the biggest focus points in the development of Shopstart. A Shopstart webshop loads faster than most other webshops, both on PC and mobile. And we can prove it!

The front page of a Shopstart webshop is typically loaded in 0.3 - 0.7 seconds
Subsequently, pages (text pages, item pages, carts, etc.) are opened in 0.1-0.2 seconds

These measurements were made using Chromes Developer Tools on an average PC with an average internet connection (Jutland) on an average Shopstart webshop.

As stated above, Shopstart's great strength is that navigation on the webshop is extremely fast. The loading of the front page is "average" / relatively fast, while subsequent pages are loaded faster than a blink of an eye.

Below you can find links to some other test tools that can be used to measure the speed of websites and webshops. We recommend that you try to use these tools to investigate your old webshop and / or competing webshops.

Note that these tools only measure the speed on the first page, and not how fast the loading takes place during normal navigation around the shop.

Google Pagespeed

Google Pagespeed is a tool that analyzes your website / webshop and tells you about different techniques to improve speed.


Pingdom measures the speed of your website / webshop from different locations in the world.

Compare Shopstart with the largest Danish webshops

Herunder kan du se hvordan 8 webshops hos Shopstart klarer sig i forhold til 8 af de største danske webshops. Scores om vises i videoen er den score, som hver webshop har opnået på Google Pagespeed (mobil). Målingen er foretaget 13. dec. 2019.

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