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Why do I need to change my subscription to get access to ONE extra feature?

This is a question we receive often, and for good reason.

It IS frustrating to be charged a disproportionate amount of money just to get access to ONE extra feature that you're missing.

We don't like being responsible for this frustration. We'd rather not have it!

But unfortunately, it's a necessary evil that everyone has to live with. And the explanation is simple:

Technical complexity is expensive

In a perfect world, every single function and feature would be an add-on to a subscription. All subscriptions would be 100% customised and no one would pay to access something they don't use.

But every single "exception" and option to opt-in and opt-out of a feature adds to the complexity of a system. And it quickly accumulates into a confusing, unmanageable mess of rules, exceptions, calculations, calculations and potential pitfalls and breaking points.

For the same reason, you see divisions and groupings of features in all kinds of software and internet-based services. Even with your telecoms company and streaming service.

At we have done a lot to accommodate the above

  • We have an extremely affordable BASIC plan for those who only need the very basics - an online ordering system
  • We've made sure to include ALMOST ALL the normal and expected features in our STANDARD plan. So you get access to ALMOST EVERYTHING via a low-cost subscription. And you can try out more PRO features without paying extra.
  • Our prices are generally below what other providers charge when comparing features.

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