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Which subscription should I choose?

If you're not sure which subscription you should choose, you can find inspiration and examples below.

Please note that you can change your subscription at any time. All it takes is a few taps on the screen and the change takes effect immediately.


This plan is for the VERY SMALL online shops with very few items and very few orders each month.

With BASIC, as the name suggests, you get access to the most basic webshop features such as an item catalogue, basket and online payment.

Suitable for:

  • Hobby businesses and side hustles
  • Inventory of 1-5 items
  • Expected 0-10 orders per month
  • No need for integrations
(although BASIS is recommended for webshops with 1-5 items and 0-10 orders/month, the spending limits in this plan are much higher than that)


This subscription gives you access to all the classic features and options you need to run an average online shop. Including integrations to accounting services, upselling features, campaign and offer modules and much more.

With STANDARD, you can run an online shop with a growth mindset! And it even includes the option to try out some PRO features on a limited scale, such as booking, B2B sales, checkout and subscription sales.

Suitable for:

  • Start-ups with growth ambitions
  • Established B2C online shops
  • Want to try out subscription sales, B2B, booking or checkout sales


With this subscription you get full access to advanced features such as B2B/customer groups, subscription sales, booking and cash register sales.

Furthermore, the spend limits (number of items and orders) are so high that you can run a large webshop without being limited. Should you hit the ceiling, you can access an enterprise solution customised to your needs.

Suitable for:

  • Established webshops with a larger turnover
  • Online shops with subscription sales, B2B, booking or checkout sales

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