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Carousel - image sizes and cropping
Carousels can be challenging to work with because they look different on large and small screens. Bu...
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Remove background from images with
Update: It is now possible to remove the background from your images without leaving Rea...
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Customise your images with
If you want a transparent or other colour background on your logo or other images, you can use a Dan...
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What size should my images be?
As a general rule, you can use any type of image. Don't worry about file type (gif, jpg, etc.), size...
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Images turn upside down after uploading
It's normal for an image to be rotated when you upload it - especially if the photo was taken on a m...
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Images and zoom on product lists
Item images are automatically zoomed on item lists. If you want to remove this effect, you can do so...
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Image resolution in text fields
When you insert images directly into "Word-like" text fields, a maximum resolution of 500 pixels is ...
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Remove the background from images directly in
It is possible to use a built-in tool to remove background colour/elements from your images. This...
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Allow image to open in large version
Enable your visitors to tap on an image and open it in "full screen". The option is available in ...
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Video and animations as product images
It is possible to add both video and animated images to your product gallery. This can be a great w...
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