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Items that are not allowed/can't be purchased

If you want to showcase items that are not available for purchase in the shop, there are four options.

1. Use inventory management to block sales. The text "Sorry, this item is not available for purchase as there are no more in stock" can be changed under "Appearance > Default texts", however, this will affect all items, not just these items that are not allowed to be sold

2. Use the "Hide price" tool to hide the price of the item. When the price is hidden, it also means that the item is not available for purchase.

3. Don't show the products in your online shop, but instead create a landing page where you present the products. You can link to this/these pages via the menu or links where it makes sense.

4. Use "Extended product page" to hide the entire product presentation on the product page. This way, items can be in your product catalogue, but the actual presentation must be done with page sections.

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