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My orders say "Payment not completed"

Do you find that some orders don't get paid? It can be frustrating and confusing - but it's unfortunately very common for up to 25% of all orders to be discarded because the customer doesn't complete the online payment.

There's no way of knowing exactly what the customer experiences or does that causes them to skip paying for an order. But here are a few suggestions:

  • The customer has cancelled the purchase
  • The customer can't find their payment card
  • Customer has tried to enter card details but gives up
  • The customer is experiencing problems with the internet (lost connection)
  • Customer is experiencing problems with their device (crashes, no more power)
Here are a few suggestions for you if you'd like to investigate or improve options in this situation:

  • Offer easy payment methods such as MobilePay
  • Is this even a problem? If it happens on fewer than every 5th order, then your online shop is handling it better than most :-)
  • If you want to give the customer the chance to complete the payment again, you can retrieve a payment link in your order overview and send it to the customer
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