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All about MobilePay (MyShop, Online, Private, Withdrawals, Number, etc.)

Here we have gathered a number of frequently asked questions regarding MobilePay as a payment method in your webshop.

Should/should I accept MobilePay?

The short answer is: YES!

A very large proportion of private shoppers in particular prefer to pay with MobilePay. In some webshops and among some target groups, more than 50% of all orders are paid with MobilePay.

If you sell to private consumers in Denmark and you don't accept MobilePay, you're probably losing out.

What does it cost to accept MobilePay?

The price depends on your payment gateway and acquirer, but is usually as follows:

Price per month or part thereof: 49 DKK ex VAT

Price per transaction: 1 DKK ex VAT

Please note that the above must be added to the price that your payment gateway and acquirer charge in subscription and fees per transaction

Can I use MobilePay MyShop (5-6 digit number)?

No, you can't.

MobilePay MyShop is intended for physical commerce. It cannot be integrated into a webshop.

Instead, you need to use the service called MobilePay Online.

Which number should my customers pay to?

When you use Mobile Online to accept payments in your online shop, you don't get a number. Instead, your customers enter their own phone number and then they can authorise the payment in their app.

How will the money be paid to me?

Payments with MobilePay will be transferred to your bank account through the acquirer just like when paying with a debit card.

Can I use my private MobilePay number?

No, you can't.

It is not allowed to accept payments on your private 8-digit MobilePay number.

How do I get started with MobilePay in my webshop (MobilePay Online)?

MobilePay Online can be ordered and set up quickly and easily.

This is done either in your payment gateway or in your webshop administration (if has set up your payment solution).

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