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Use AI Assistant for text tasks

It's possible to use artificial intelligence to make your work tasks easier, especially text tasks such as product descriptions.

This tool utilises OpenAI, one of the leading providers of chat-like AI tools.

Note: When using OpenAI as an integrated part of an external system such as, you pay a small amount per task (for example, 5 cent for a medium-sized task). You can also get free access to OpenAI's ChatGPT by creating an account at The only difference between the free access vs. the assistant is the convenience of being able to use the tool directly in your website's administration.

The AI Assistant is very versatile and can handle many different types of tasks. Below we have listed a few time-saving things you can ask for help with. But you are not limited to these examples. If in doubt, try writing your own tasks for AI.

Retrieve and rewrite an item text For example, retrieve your supplier's item texts and rewrite them to avoid a direct copy.

Make a product text longer or shorter AI can make your product text both longer and shorter, while preserving the message and important details.

Write a product text aimed at a specific target group Useful for both better conversions and SEO.

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