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Unsubscribing - what you need to be aware of

It is possible to cancel your subscription with with immediate effect. There is no binding.

However, you should be aware of the following when cancelling your subscription.

Website/web shop becomes inaccessible
You can view your website/web shop yourself and you can continue working on it if you wish. But visitors will no longer be able to see it.

Your payment solution is cancelled if it is set up through
If you have ordered a payment solution through, it will be cancelled automatically. Please note that you will be charged for the current month for both the payment gateway and MobilePay Online, if applicable. If you have set up a payment solution outside, you must close it yourself.

Your Google Workspace email account will be disconnected
If you have created a Google Workspace account through, this will be disconnected from your account. This means that your email address(es) will continue to work. You will subsequently be contacted by Google to enter your payment details with them. If you want to stop using Google Workspace, you can ignore their request to enter payment details (or better yet, use their system to cancel your subscription with them).

Your domain is still yours
Whether you bought a UK or international domain, and whether you bought it through or an external provider, the domain is still yours. You have full control over it and can always transfer it to another provider if you wish. has no control over your domain and cannot "lock" it in any way.

Your website/webshop is not automatically deleted does not delete anything when you cancel your subscription. This means you can return after a month or a year and activate the exact same website/webshop you left behind.

If you want to delete everything, you can do so from the administration by searching for "delete".

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