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Booking - sell services and rentals via calendar booking

With the booking option, you can sell services based on the employees and working hours you create.

For example, it can be used for all kinds of therapists, hairdressers, cleaning and other types of hourly paid services.

Find the option in the administration by searching for "booking".

After you have activated "Booking", you can tap on the new menu item in the left menu. In the booking area, you can create resources (employees) and set their working hours.

You then have the option to create new items that act as booking items. This is where you need to create what the customer buys. For example, "Men's haircut" or "Basic manicure".

This type of item will have a tab at the top (when you edit them) called "Booking". In this tab, you can set which resources (employees) should be assigned.

Now you are ready to sell your product/service. In the webshop, your customers will be asked to choose a date and time - and of course, the system keeps track of the same employee not being double-booked.

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