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How much does an online payment solution cost?

It can be difficult to keep track of costs when accepting card payments. There are several different "providers" that need to work together to make a payment solution work.

To calculate the cost of your payment solution, you need to look at both the cost of the payment gateway and the acquirer.

What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is the web part of a payment solution. They control the content of the window you see on your screen where you can enter your card number.

Examples of payment gateways are Quickpay, Billwerk+, PensoPay
What is an acquirer? The acquirer is the company that handles the money. They are the ones who contact Visa or Mastercard, the customer's bank and your own bank to move money.

Examples of acquirers are: Clearhaus, NETS, Swedbank
Example: QuickPay + Clearhaus When we create payment solutions in, we use these two providers. Both need to be set up and "work together" before you have a complete payment solution.

At the moment, their prices are as follows.

QuickPay: automatically switches to the cheapest option every month (based on your turnover).

Clearhaus: 1.35% of the transaction amount (2.75% for foreign cards). See their prices here.

Price examples

If you have 3 orders of 150 DKK per month:
QuickPay will cost you: 15 DKK
Clearhaus costs you: 6.08 DKK
Total: 21,08 DKK

If you have 10 orders of 500 DKK per month:
QuickPay costs you: 50 DKK
Clearhaus costs you: 67.50 DKK
Total: 117,50 DKK

If you have 150 orders of DKK 300 per month:
QuickPay will cost you: 136,50 DKK
Clearhaus costs you: 607.50 DKK
Total: 744,00 DKK


MobilePay Online costs a fixed 49 DKK per month. In addition, it costs 1 DKK per transaction to accept MobilePay payments. This amount is in addition to payment gateway and acquirer fees.

If you have 3 orders of 150 DKK per month and all three go through MobilePay:
QuickPay costs you: 15 DKK
Clearhaus costs you: 6.08 DKK
MobilePay Online costs you: 49 + 3 DKK
Total: 72,08 DKK

Please note that Quickpay charges extra fees for accepting payment types OTHER than Visa, Mastercard, Google/Apple Pay and MobilePay. This applies to Dankort, PayPal, Klarna and others.

If you accept any of these, you will pay 30 DKK/month ex VAT on top of your normal monthly subscription and 0.25 DKK ex VAT (extra) per transaction through these payment types.

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