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Skift til en moderne webshopløsning

Does your webshop need to be future-proof?

If you choose as your new ecommerce platform, you get a website and webshop software built on modern technology.

We've thought technology and innovation into the platform, so we can give you:

Greater ease of use

Lightning fast load speed

Less hassle with image editing

Smart search across the platform

Higher security

Mobile administration

Så nemt er det!

Build your pages with our smart drag-n-drop sections

Just like LEGO® bricks, you can place sections wherever you want and decide how much each section should take up

We've designed the section modules to be responsive in advance, so they adapt to different screen sizes.

And if you need professional design help...

At, we can always provide you with a designer at an affordable price, so you can get a unique and custom look that suits your business

Kom med bagom systemet

Why choose a new system?

Developments in Internet technologies are happening at a rapid pace. The webshop systems that were developed 10 years ago are already outdated and require a lot of resources to upgrade.

We are aware of this issue and have taken it into account in's DNA from the very beginning.

By using innovative and proven methods and technologies, we ensure that is always at the forefront.

This ensures, among other things, a high level of SEO, support for all types of devices and high accessibility.

Here you get more unique and innovative solutions

Import pre-filled sections into your webshop

Design and graphic layout are not everyone's cup of tea and as a shop owner there are already many other administrative tasks that typically need to be done

That's why we've created a smart design solution that lets you import professionally designed sections directly into your webshop

When you use "Insert pre-filled section" you get access to a number of templates where you can "pick" the exact section you need. Finally, all you have to do is place it where you want in the shop and customize it if you like.

Requires STANDARD or PRO subscription.

Edit section directly in the webshop

If you want to make a change to one of your set-up sections, you no longer need to make that change in your administration, save, and refresh the webshop in another tab to see the change.

At we have optimised this process and made sure that you can customise your section directly in the webshop, in the same browser tab. You can therefore make your changes twice as quickly and see the results immediately.

Remember that "Design editing" must be activated before you can use this option.

The world's smartest webshop administration

ideal.shops administration is not like any other. We can boast of our extra smart "super search" which is more than just a search box.

The supersearch can help you find all functions and help guides related to a topic. For example, you can search for the word "freight" and you'll get a quick overview of freight-related features in the shop, as well as guides to setup.

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