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Facebook Conversion API

It is possible to utilise the Facebook Conversion API via our Facebook Pixel integration.

The integration can be found under "Settings > Integrations > Tracking and Analyses > Facebook Pixel".

The access token is created in your Facebook Business Manager under your Pixel settings.

The transfer of data to Facebook's API respects the cookie setting (as they should according to guidelines and legislation). This means that if a webshop visitor has chosen to block marketing or statistics cookies, the visitor's data will NOT be transferred via this integration.

(For troubleshooting purposes, we have made it possible to override when the integration is activated - this is done in the administration in the same place where the access token is entered. There you can temporarily decide that all visitors will be tracked regardless of cookie selection)

The following events are transferred:

  • Purchase
  • AddToCart
  • InitiateCheckout
  • ViewContent
Data points are used to ensure that Pixel (web) and API data is combined and not double counted.

If you have entered multiple Pixel IDs in your integration, order data is transferred via API to the first Pixel ID entered.

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