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With Billwerk+ you can accept many different payment types, including Visa/Mastercard/Dankort, MobilePay, ViaBill and many more.


Billwerk+ is a Danish-developed payment gateway that can be easily integrated into your webshop. The gateway must be combined with one or more acquirers, and it is the acquirer that determines which payment methods you can accept in the webshop. For example, accepting Dankort requires an agreement with Nets. Billwerk can help you set up one or more acquirer agreements.

The integration is included (at no extra cost) in the following subscriptions

  • Light
  • Standard
  • Pro

How to get started

  • Log in to your webshop
  • Tap "Settings" in the left menu
  • Press "Payment methods"
  • Click "Create new payment method"
  • Select "Billwerk+" and follow the instructions

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