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Modern and professional website and webshop

More than 400 customers already benefit from time-saving administration, transparent prices and quick support.

Ready-to-go designs for those who want to get started quickly

Start with one of our many professional designs and customise it to your own needs and content.

It's super simple and we've made sure all designs look great on both large and small screens.

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... and others!
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You own the website/web shop

You have 100% ownership of all material you add and build with us.

✔ 1 day binding ✔ Move if/when you want ✔ Download order data, product data etc. whenever you want

A scalable platform

Whether you are new or experienced, we definitely have a solution for you. Whether you have huge ambitions or just have hobby-thoughts, we provide a flexible and scalable platform that can keep up with your e-commerce growth. And something extra smart - our platform can also be adapted based on your skills. So if you love experimenting with CSS, then you can easily get to do that as well!

Who uses

We might be a young player in the market, but we actually have more than 400 Danish customers already. There is a great variation in who uses Some webshops turn over a few thousand a month and others hundreds of thousands a month! If you already run a webshop with high turnover, we are also happy to make you a tailor-made enterprise solution on our software. And should you be worried about migrating your webshop to a new platform, we can assure you that we have a strong team available in the transfer period, so you get well in place without losing position on Google - it's all about planning and good preparation.

Tired of updating plugins?

If you use an open source solution for your webshop today, you are probably familiar with constantly having to update plugins and monitor your system. is a hosted platform, which means that WE make sure that you are always up to date, secure and accessible. We take regular backups and make sure that your webshop keeps up with the rapid digital development, as well as the requirements that may arise along the way. As a shop owner, you can sit back and focus on growth and strategy, while we keep track of performance and technology. Nice right?

Still in doubt?

If you have questions about our solutions, you are always welcome to contact us. We are ready to answer your questions by phone, email and chat.

✔ Super simple administration

✔ Mobilefriendly design

✔ Lightning fast loading

✔ High level of security

✔ World class support

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